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Paúl municipal government seeks financing for waste water treatment 11 Novembro 2015

The Paúl municipal chamber, which governs the smallest of the three municipalities on the island of Santo Antão, is seeking financing for two important projects in the area of sanitation aimed at the construction of two waste water treatment facilities. The two projects are budgeted at more than 57 million escudos.

Paúl municipal government seeks financing for waste water treatment

The two waste water treatment plants are to be built in the city of Pombas and in the village of Eito. The respective studies were carried out by the Canary Islands Technological Institute, and the project is aimed at laying the foundations to promote Paúl as a tourist destination.

According to Paúl mayor António Aleixa, the municipal government believes it will be able to mobilize the necessary partnerships to implement the two waste water treatment projects and a pumping station to be built in the two zones, the most densely populated in the municipality.

“We’re now going to share the details of these projects with the population and explain to them that the Paúl municipal chamber is unable to implement them by itself. But I believe that well be able to get the partnerships we need to do so,” says Aleixo, who hopes to be able to count on the cooperation of the European Union, among other potential partners.

The construction of the Eito waste water treatment facility, according to António Aleixo, is budgeted at 13 million escudos, while that to be located in the city of Pombas is budgeted at 44 million escudos. “Both are projected to function with low-energy-cost technology,” he concludes.

The regional delegate of the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANAS), Paulina Fortes, highlighted the positive impact these projects will have on Paúl, affirming that, in addition to sanitation, they will contribute toward improving the quality of the water consumed in the municipality.

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