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Georgina de Mello distinguished with Femina Prize of Honor 10 Novembro 2015

Cape Verde’s Georgina de Mello, the director general of the Community of Portuguese-Language Countries (CPLP), has been distinguished with the 2015 Femina Prize of Honor, according to an announcement made this Monday, November 9, by Matriz Portuguesa, which instituted the award.

Georgina de Mello distinguished with Femina Prize of Honor

The Femina Award, which was created five years ago, distinguishes notable women from the world’s Portuguese-speaking countries who have stood out in the world with professional, cultural and humanitarian merit, “through knowledge and through their relationship with other cultures.”

Georgina Benrós de Mello holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, and has worked in Cape Verde and East Timor with projects implemented by various different United Nations agencies.

Matriz Portuguese, a civil society association for the development of culture and knowledge distinguished five other women as well. For merit in the arts, São Tomé’s Inocêncio Mata and dual Portuguese-Mozambican national Ana Mafalda Leite were awarded the prize, while the science merit prize was awarded to Portugal’s Fátima Cardoso.

Soraya Gadit received the Femina prize for relevant merit, while Sónia Matias was awarded for disseminating the culture and history of the Portuguese matrix abroad. Both are Portuguese.

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